Since 1977, We at FRAMES COMPANY have been offering personalized QUALITY SERVICE SELECTION.
You’ve seen us throughout Southern California at most major auto shows, county fairs, flea markets, etc., on a yearly basis.
At our mobile retail workshops, we manufacture QUALITY personalized auto accessories in a WHILE-U-WAIT environment.
We’re no “fly-by-night” swap meet business, yet we’re small enough to give each customer individual SERVICE.
And of course, the largest possible SELECTION is available.

Munchkin Enterprises is owned by Julie Levine who has been working for Frames Company since 1986.
When you place an order you are getting the same QUALITY SERVICE SELECTION as Frames Company.
Frames Company may be closed but Julie is determined to keep the tradition going into the future.
We will offer great new products as we branch off into new technologies.
We have added dye-sublimation to our expertise along with the engraved products you all love.

Mail@MunchkinEnterprises.com or 818-992-6100

Julie Levine, owner Munchkin Enterprises